Suchen Sie nach dem perfekten Zuhause, einer idealen Bürofläche oder einer attraktiven Investitionsmöglichkeit? LIKA Group AG bietet hochwertige Wohn- und Geschäftsimmobilien zum Mieten oder Kaufen an den schönsten Orten der Schweiz. 

«Since the outbreak of the pandemic, second homes without use restrictions have become even more popular than they already were. This type of property has reported enormous price growth in recent years because it is keenly sought-after and in short supply, so that the average rate of increase has topped six percent annually since 2019. Tourism regions like the Upper Engadin in Grisons actually exceed the national Swiss average, and significantly so.»
Pascal Vaucher
CEO Wüst und Wüst AG | Member of the Group Management of the Intercity Group | Board of Directors of Intercity Holding AG